How I work:

Before beginning treatment, we will discuss briefly on the phone what it is you would like to work on.  At that time I can answer basic questions. Our first session will be a consultation session that will give you more time to discuss what you are working toward, ask questions and for me to gain a deeper history in order to create a plan for you.

The treatment I provide is collaborative and customized to your specific needs, ways of thinking, and mode of being in the world. I am a straightforward, perceptive, and non-judgmental practitioner.  I pay close attention to how therapy is working for you and  I will ask questions to engage you in dialogue throughout the process.  I will be especially curious about how your thoughts, emotional life, and physical presence interact to make you who you are. Through this process, we will notice patterns of living that no longer work for you and find space for you to make changes that address those patterns.

Because deep and lasting change takes time, I work in a way that addresses the concerns that need immediate attention in the short term, as well as the underlying patterns and structures that might have caused these difficulties in the first place. If you’re ever confused or feeling stuck in treatment, I welcome your honesty so that we may address your concerns.

Who I work with:
Women’s issues
Men’s issues
Gender Non-Conforming Individuals

My expertise:
Private Practice Consultant

Grief & loss
Work/life balance
Self confidence
Gender identity
Recovery from past relationships
Narcissistic abuse recovery
Career strategies
Intimacy issues
Existential questions

My services:
Depth Psychotherapy
Psychodynamic Therapy
Logo Therapy

Attachment Re-Patterning Experience
Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

TRE Provider
Mindful Awareness
Telehealth Sessions
Email support
Dream analysis