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Fridays at 9AM

Women's Resiliency

TRE Group

Group Work

In this safe and non judgmental environment I can help you

explore the deeper underlying issues that may be contributing to the obstacles that interfere with your life and opportunities.  The self understanding that can develop in this non judgmental collaborative relationship can lead to deep and long lasting changes.  

Your Growth Potential 

Why TRE?

You Can Live an Extraordinary Life

Be at Ease with Aging

Every 4th Wednesday 5:05 PM


Every 3rd Wednesday  5:05PM

People around the world  practice TRE  individually, in a group setting or at home.  The  health benefits you get from TRE are a wide range of physical relief & repair, emotional release to stress management. TRE is an effective, low-impact form of movement that involves integration of every muscle, organ, and cell of the body, bringing balance to body and mind.

We continue to grow and develop throughout our lifetime.  It is critical that the approach in therapy be tailored to meet your unique situation and needs.  I offer individual psychotherapy as well as group work.  Make time for yourself today to find a more balanced life with a much deeper personal understanding through a therapeutic relationship.