Therapy is an investment in yourself


Therapy is an important and valuable component of our lives. Making yourself a priority with your time and financial commitment will yield greater and quicker growth and positive change. 

victoria cocklin, lpc

In person sessions:
Psychotherapy session (50 minutes)  $150
Psychotherapy (90 minutes) $270
Consultation for Clinicians (50 Minutes)  $135
Group Consultation for Clinicians Wednesday Group $43
Women's Resiliency Group (70 minutes)  $43

Be At Ease With Aging Group (70 minutes) $43
TRE(Tension, Stress &Trauma Release Exercise) individual session $125
TRE Group $43

Telehealth (Online Therapy)
I use HIPAA compliant platforms to ensure confidentiality.
(50 minutes w/no insurance reimbursement) $150
Telehealth therapy with me is appropriate if you:
Are over 18
Have generally stable mental health
are busy and want to cut drive time
can provide yourself privacy during sessions

​Telehealth therapy with me is not appropriate if you:
Are actively suicidal and in frequent crisis
Are addicted to internet porn or online activities

Insurances accepted:
Community Care